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Sustainability generates added value

Sustainability is well integrated into our operations

Securitas is a modern, global company with highly skilled people and high-tech security systems. But our basic beliefs remains unchanged. Everything we do is based on our strong values, which have helped ensure global success for decades. By providing safety to the communities where we operate, we contribute to a more sustainable society.

Sustainability is well integrated into our operations. We believe it ensures long-term growth and that it gives us a competitive advantage. Securitas is one of the few security companies globally that can take on the security challenges of today's world in a sustainable way. We lead by example and aim to conduct all aspects of our operations in a responsible way.


Contributing to a safer society

Safety and stability are key in a well-functioning community. Securitas' role is to help companies, infrastructure and government authorities to operate the way they are intended, without interruptions. The protection of workplaces, public areas and properties plays an important part in how we contribute to a safer and more sustainable society.

As an employer, implementing high standards of labor practices and paying taxes are also of value.

In many cases, profitability and responsibility go hand in hand. Our security officers working at night, for example, help reduce the energy consumption of an office by turning off equipment that is not being used. This adds value for the clients both by saving money and by reducing their environmental impact. At the same time, it is a profitable service for Securitas.

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