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Well-developed sustainability system

Six important compenents

There are several reasons why Securitas chose to develop an extensive sustainability system: to protect the Securitas brand, to better meet the demands of clients and other stakeholders and to become more competitive in the global security industry.

Securitas' sustainability system comprises the following components:


Securitas' Values and Ethics Code

Securitas' Values and Ethics Code is one of the company's most important policies. It stipulates the basic principles that Securitas expects all of its employees and business partners to follow at all times.


Employee training

All Securitas employees undergo training in Securitas' Values and Ethics Code. An in-depth e-learning program for managers and office personnel is available in more than 40 languages. Local-language e-learning and classroom training sessions are held for the company's security officers. Relevant employees also receive training in other core policies, such as the anti-corruption policy and the competition law policy.


System for reporting non-compliance

Securitas Integrity Line (known as Securitas Hotline in the US and Canada, and Linea de Alerta in Mexico) is a Group system used for reporting cases of non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics Code. All employees and business partners are encouraged and expected to report any cases of non-compliance, with the assurance that the reporter will not be subjected to any negative consequences.


Risk management

Non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics Code is considered a risk, and as such, it has been classified as one of seven prioritized risks in the Group's enterprise risk management (ERM) process. The risks are followed up on a regular basis.



To meet the demands of clients and other stakeholders with respect to increased transparency and communication, Securitas AB publishes a sustainability report that follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.


Group Sustainability Officer

The Group Sustainability Officer leads the Group’s ongoing sustainability work and, in addition to following the regular reporting line, also reports to the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee. Responsibilities include coordination of sustainability activities across the Group, including stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues, and supporting the countries of operation with respect to sustainability matters.

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